F&B75 Videos

Nando’s Mango & Lime PERi-PERi

A big follow up to the hugely successful Nando’s PERi-PERi , there was no-doubt the pressure was on. While the overall mood & environment are worlds apart from the first; this exuding more of a vibrant & festive feel, the food porn executions are still present. From the brains of Creative Juice KL (under TBWA), […]

DOMINO’S ‘Bulgogi Cheese Baked Rice/Pasta’

This 2nd board had to have different food porn shots, so that was definitely a challenge.  Prioritizing the important steps to showcase was crucial, as we didn’t have so much time to shoot & to show everything in the edit.  With a general concept from FCB together with KDCo, we embarked on this journey together.  […]

GO CHEESE ‘Transform’

Collaborating with Scion & Twisted Media for another Gowardhan tv spot for India after a successful GoMilk campaign, we created a hardworking yet endearing ad that would appeal to mothers & children alike. Working in the Art Director’s own home, we built a set extension of the kitchen which looked just like a part of […]


The final spot of 3 concepts from Agency Mullenlowe, & my 1st fully animated series – definitely the most quirky. Working with production Shootworksasia, Ng (freelance 3D supervisor & editor) & Quadimension – JS (animator), we initially wanted to shoot only the Chicken Drumsticks due to the lockdown, in our own home.  However, after much discussion, […]

DOMINO’S ‘Pizza Pasta’

The brief was to make this look delicious & appetizing.  Well, that’s what I do best 😀 . From Agency FCB’s script, we teamed up with Lightflux Productions once more & delivered several videos, but with 2 main ones – one of them being this Pizza Pasta idea.  A limited time offer product that’s pretty […]

SUNQUICK ‘What’s Your Excuse?’

4 years on, & here we are with my 2ndSunquick spot under Play Pictures and agency Havas-Immerse.  Cramping 1 tvc with 3 webisodes in 1 day was a challenge, but we made it well within the shoot timing, with the biggest challenge coming from a cat.  Yes, dealing with animals is never easy, especially getting […]


McD APP ‘Takeaway’ A sequence of 4 short ads for mobile, that may look simple at first, but was thoroughly challenging to execute. Both on shoot & during post-production.  From the minds of creatives at Leo Burnett & production house PRS – my 1st project with them – we crafted final films that are seamless […]

SAN REMO ‘More!’

This was indeed a fun shoot to be involved in.  Using an idea from 180 Degrees Brandcom & enhancing it further is what I do best 😀 . Incorporating some cool rigs to create visually exciting food porn shots for Pasta & sauce – my first btw, is something I really look forward to.  Of course, some […]

JOLLIBEE ‘Spicy Chicken Sandwich’

I had much fun with this. Considered my 1st full on Burger shoot – this was a passion project that fell on my lap after some complications.  Reservoir World needed a table top director to shoot specific food porn shots for this big spicy launch for Jollibee worldwide, under Agency Fishermen Integrated.  So, we came […]

MAGNOLIA Sherbet ‘Hammock Flip’

Following the success of the GMGN spot, we next focused our expertise on the Magnolia Sherbet campaign.  Using an International talent of mix parentage, we had some wire rigging required to hoist her up into the air from a hammock.  Though it was time consuming, the final shot looks realistic enough & all the work […]