F&B65 Videos

DOMINO’S CNY 2019 ‘Eggstra Shiok’

22 hours. Yup, my 2ndexperience with Pizza, & it doesn’t get any easier. Or shorter. Lol.  We wanted this to be a fun & exciting board, introducing a new flavor on a pizza, never done before locally or anywhere.  So, with a board from Mullenlowe Malaysia, we crafted a food porn Pizza spot that had a […]

MAGNUM x MONEY HEIST ‘The Sweet Goodbye’

*MARKies 2022 GOLD Winner for Most Creative – Digital *MARKies 2022 GOLD Winner for Most Creative – Launch/Relaunch Well, this was truly an experience… having to shoot for such a successful TV series on Netflix with a storyline from Agency Entropia, together Magnum Ice-Cream & Lightflux Productions.  2 big clients, with 1 singular idea; to […]

KNORR ‘Soup Ayam Luar Biasa’

When you have great talents, you’re sure to have a relatively smooth-sailing shoot. And this spot had the best of talents. Granted we had a few hiccups here & there when the son refused to do any more takes lol, but when he heard ‘action!’ he’d just do his best, & that was more than […]

LAY’S x KFC ‘Gotta Get ‘Em’

Ah, a part of my bucketlist achieved:  Shooting for KFC, although technically it’s not a full-on KFC ad, but more a Lay’s ad that has KFC chicken & seasoning in a KFC outlet.  With an idea from Agency Entropia, & Clients PepsiCo, PH Lightflux & myself immersed ourselves in this shoot wholeheartedly.  And boy, was […]

MAGNOLIA Sherbet ‘Hammock Flip’

Following the success of the GMGN spot, we next focused our expertise on the Magnolia Sherbet campaign.  Using an International talent of mix parentage, we had some wire rigging required to hoist her up into the air from a hammock.  Though it was time consuming, the final shot looks realistic enough & all the work […]

DUTCH LADY ‘Food Porn Plain Milk’

While I’ve shot a variety of table top F&B products including juices, I’ve never shot milk.  So, when this board came along from Agency Entropia, Light Flux Productions & myself jumped at the chance.  After all, I love creating delicious & appetizing food commercials… although ironically, eating isn’t one of my favorite things to do lol.  So, with […]

SUNQUICK ‘What’s Your Excuse?’

4 years on, & here we are with my 2ndSunquick spot under Play Pictures and agency Havas-Immerse.  Cramping 1 tvc with 3 webisodes in 1 day was a challenge, but we made it well within the shoot timing, with the biggest challenge coming from a cat.  Yes, dealing with animals is never easy, especially getting […]


It never gets old. Well, at least for me.  I LOVE to shoot food.  It’s my calling.  But I eat to live. Go figure.  The 3rd Food Porn ad for Nando’s & still going strong.  This time, working with Agency Fishermen Integrated & Passion Plus, we carved out a humorous yet tantalizing board that focuses […]

Nando’s Mango & Lime PERi-PERi

A big follow up to the hugely successful Nando’s PERi-PERi , there was no-doubt the pressure was on. While the overall mood & environment are worlds apart from the first; this exuding more of a vibrant & festive feel, the food porn executions are still present. From the brains of Creative Juice KL (under TBWA), […]

CORNTOZ ‘The Journey’

The brief directly from the Mamee Clients was to create awareness for this little known pink horse called Pinko whilst making the food shots look good.  Thus, I set out, together with Lightflux Productions, to create a quirky, weird, wild, wacky yet visually exciting spot that marries both a 2D animated horse with 2D environments […]