ANGEL SOY SAUCE ‘Pure & Natural’

This was my 1st collaboration with agency Ideasmith & clients Bidor Kwong Heng & the Xth of many with Play Pictures & I must admit that while it was challenging from day one, the end result was exactly what we envisioned it to be. The concept required one talent, who performed extremely well, & the rest of the visuals were made up of food demos. We tried to romance the product with creative camera angles & exquisite lighting styles, making it as appetizing as possible. We had a great food stylist tag team Yong & Harris, who endeavored to realize the bean ripple effect shot that was required. Truly, it was a simple yet complicated contraption made out of straight & round wooden sticks & levers, & while it took many hours to engineer & build, it facilitated in the ease of the shoot timing on our shoot day. The bottle pouring rig & beans falling rig worked like a charm as well. We shot using the Red Dragon, if only to achieve the high-speed food shots. DP was Nick Lee with grading at VHQ, & Offline & Online at Play Pictures.