DOMINO’S ‘Cheese Volcano’

Missed the last few Domino’s, but we’re back…with an ‘eruption of flavor’! This was not an easy shoot by any means; to make this product look good & appetizing was the challenge.  Working with Agency FCB & Production House KDCo once more, we aligned with the clients much earlier on regarding the direction we wanted this spot to take.  Creating visually enticing shots on top of ensuring mouth-watering shots of the cheese oozing out from the Volcano were already things we’re accustomed to & in the end, it was a huge success.  Some creative liberties were taken when we created the Volcano, such as enlarging it so we could craft more epic camera angles. We added in a bit of sparks (shot from sparklers) to highten the drama of the opening, something rarely every done in a local Domino’s spot, but it worked in our favor, generating positive buzz from the audience.  Because we had quite a few shots to cover in one day for this particular board, we decided earlier on to set up the living room scenario right in the outlet itself, redressing it to give that homely vibe. The end product was Agency’s KV shot, as it made more sense to reuse that & just match the look of it to our live-action shots.  Shot by DP Kenz Koh, using the Phantom Flex 4k (for half a day) & the Red Raptor for the rest..  Art dept was Jay & his team, with Offline by Ah Fai & full online by Meccanica (colorist Jing & Ereeq as Online artist). Music by Ananth.