BEAUTY26 Videos


A first time working with clients Hada Labo, with Astro as Agency & Production House Asia Tropical Films.  We got off to a great start, as clients were pretty open with ideas & not overly picky as to how we shoot it, as long as it looks cinematic.  They came to the right person then […]

SAFI Microbiome ‘Hairfall’

I liked this for how different it is to other beauty ads I’ve done, & my 1st experience out of two, shooting with Hijabi talents.  With an idea from Ensemble, clients WiPro Unza & PH KDco, we tackled this job head on.  The complications of shooting a hijab ad are slightly less difficult than shooting […]

SAFI ‘Perfect White’

This was an enjoyable one; good talents, nice location, & again, with dynamic camera moves & creative angles, & some simple CGI beauty demo scenes.  It was a rather long process though, almost one year to completion due to the MCO restrictions, etc, but we finally pulled through.  Working with a script from Ensemble & […]

AIKEN ‘Vita C’

A first beauty job for Aiken under WiPro Unza, but with the same agency Ensemble & production house Sixymac Productions.  It was actually a pretty straightforward board, but knowing me, I’d like to complicate matters by adding in more visually appealing camera movements to add to the dynamism of the entire spot.  Shot in a […]

DARLIE ‘Ezyme Toothpaste’

It’s been a while since I’ve worked with Agency FCB, and especially on a board that’s about 80% animation, but it was well worth the wait.  Teaming up with Production House Light Flux once again, we worked on a concept from the Creatives & Clients Darlie, who really gave us the freehand to create beautiful & […]


Well, this was fun.  Definitely challenging in terms of finalizing the look & feel months after we had finished shooting, but the outcome is nothing short of beautiful. A 2ndsubsequent project with clients WIPRO Unza & Agency Ensemble together with Production House KDco, we worked with one of Malaysia’s hottest rising star Mira Filzah in crafting creative […]

SAFI ‘Acne Solutions’

Teaming up again with clients WIPRO Unza after so many years is a much welcomed feeling.  Together with Agency Ensemble & Production House KDco, we created a fun & lively spot that helps defeat acne problems  plaguing young women.  Playing with the idea that a lot of embarrassed people use emojis to cover up their […]

NUTOX ‘Happy Hero’ *2020 A+M MARKies Silver (Most Effective Use – Loyalty/CRM)

From boutique agency DreamCreative Workshop & clients Tohtonku, comes an idea that focuses on real people and their relationship with Nutox all these years.  Extensive research was conducted to find the best possible candidates from all over Malaysia, & in the end, we found our 6 special ladies.  Production House Hot Pictures & myself produced […]

SUNPLAY ‘Sun-safe with Sunplay’

This was an interesting project.  My first foray into so-called miniature effects & I must say, it turned out quite alright, considering the quick turnaround & certain limitations we faced (finances didn’t allow for much CGI work).  So, with Play Pictures, Agency 180° & Clients Mentholatum, we worked together to create a different & fun […]

NANO WHITE ‘Annoying Dark Spot’

It was swell working once more with Clients Tohtunku, on their new tvc for Nano White featuring Eyka Farhana, a young & vibrant actress with a beauty that shines through her captivating smile & good looks.  Together with production house Hot Pictures & agency BBDO, we crafted a film that isn’t just a typical beauty […]