BEAUTY23 Videos

NUTOX ‘Happy Hero’ *2020 A+M MARKies Silver (Most Effective Use – Loyalty/CRM)

From boutique agency DreamCreative Workshop & clients Tohtonku, comes an idea that focuses on real people and their relationship with Nutox all these years.  Extensive research was conducted to find the best possible candidates from all over Malaysia, & in the end, we found our 6 special ladies.  Production House Hot Pictures & myself produced […]


This may seem straightforward visually, but it’s anything but…. From the creative team TBWA based on the Gwiyomi trend, we went through several iterations of the lyrics & finally settled on this. Syncing the actions & singing of the 3 leading ladies was quite challenging, not to mention the hours that went into their dance choreography.  […]

SUNPLAY ‘Sun-safe with Sunplay’

This was an interesting project.  My first foray into so-called miniature effects & I must say, it turned out quite alright, considering the quick turnaround & certain limitations we faced (finances didn’t allow for much CGI work).  So, with Play Pictures, Agency 180° & Clients Mentholatum, we worked together to create a different & fun […]

NANO WHITE ‘Annoying Dark Spot’

It was swell working once more with Clients Tohtunku, on their new tvc for Nano White featuring Eyka Farhana, a young & vibrant actress with a beauty that shines through her captivating smile & good looks.  Together with production house Hot Pictures & agency BBDO, we crafted a film that isn’t just a typical beauty […]

BRYLCREEM ‘Effortless Fresh’

Executing a 1-take trick shot is never easy. I’ve done it on a job several years back, & know the complexities involved. It may look easy in the final visual, but it’s nothing but. Now, imagine when you’ve got 3, 1-take trick shots to do in 1 commercial! That’s the challenge we were tasked with, […]

NUTOX ‘Evolve with Nancy Wu’

My 1st experience working with a Hong Kong Celebrity, & I must say it was an absolutely ease. Nancy Wu, an experienced TVB actress who holds the record for the most TVB Anniversary Awards for Best Supporting Actress nominations – 5 times & in 2015, won her first as Best Actress, flew down for a […]

NUTOX ‘Evolve with Fazura’

This was a very enjoyable shoot though stressful at times, as we had to race against time in various aspects; brainstorming & developing ideas with agency DreamCreativeWorkshop for Clients Tohtonku, faced with a looming shoot date, & during the shoot itself, we had logistic challenges. We had to split the set into 2 halves, move […]

FAIR & LOVELY ‘Sinari Aspirasi’ Webfilm

With the relative success of the previous spot, Agency Immerse & clients Unilever once again approached Play Pictures to produce another webfilm for the same product but for the following year. This time, we focused on a young lady & her mum, & how she strives for a better life amidst all the challenges in […]


A very exciting concept with precise & challenging execution make this SilkyGirl spot something of a rare technical delight. With a basic concept from Anonymous, Optinovus Films & clients ACG tweaked the environments & made them all CGI, hence having to shoot all the talents with minimal propping that they interact with against a green […]

SENZUES ‘Now You See Me’

Working with the fast expanding team at Shootworks with Agency Brand Kinetics & cosmeceutical clients Oregene, we came up with some stylish visuals for beauty & skin care commercial brand SenZues (pronounced Sensuous). It was an interesting concept that revolved around invisibility & the rebirth of new beautiful skin. Achieving the desired invisibility result was […]