BEAUTY23 Videos

C.MICHAEL ‘Stem Cell’

With my 3rd collaboration with Shootworks, we’ve managed to produce a beauty hair commercial that can rival the best out there. The team at C.Michael & Fixgo Advertising Agency have come up with a concept that’s simple yet visually appealing. Working with Brazilian model, Fernanda Cordeiro was easy as she already has the look & […]

BRANDS Bird’s Nest ‘Dynasty’

Produced with DMO Productions & the Agency 180 Degrees, Brands Malaysia launched its very first Bird’s Nest TVC featuring ex-Miss Malaysia Contestant, Carla Soong as an ‘Empress’ in the Tang Dynasty Era. Requiring elaborate costume design & art direction, we managed to turn a section of the façade of Carcosa Seri Negara into the desired […]


Our 2nd collaboration with Brands, DMO Productions & 180 degrees, required more input from additional parties, as this was a Regional production. Working with local celebrity/actress/model Carmen Soo, who has also made a name in the Philippines & Singapore was a great boon to the brand image itself, as she portrays professionalism & elegance in […]

SENZUES ‘Now You See Me’

Working with the fast expanding team at Shootworks with Agency Brand Kinetics & cosmeceutical clients Oregene, we came up with some stylish visuals for beauty & skin care commercial brand SenZues (pronounced Sensuous). It was an interesting concept that revolved around invisibility & the rebirth of new beautiful skin. Achieving the desired invisibility result was […]


A very exciting concept with precise & challenging execution make this SilkyGirl spot something of a rare technical delight. With a basic concept from Anonymous, Optinovus Films & clients ACG tweaked the environments & made them all CGI, hence having to shoot all the talents with minimal propping that they interact with against a green […]

FAIR & LOVELY ‘Sinari Aspirasi’ Webfilm

With the relative success of the previous spot, Agency Immerse & clients Unilever once again approached Play Pictures to produce another webfilm for the same product but for the following year. This time, we focused on a young lady & her mum, & how she strives for a better life amidst all the challenges in […]

NUTOX ‘Evolve with Fazura’

This was a very enjoyable shoot though stressful at times, as we had to race against time in various aspects; brainstorming & developing ideas with agency DreamCreativeWorkshop for Clients Tohtonku, faced with a looming shoot date, & during the shoot itself, we had logistic challenges. We had to split the set into 2 halves, move […]

NUTOX ‘Evolve with Nancy Wu’

My 1st experience working with a Hong Kong Celebrity, & I must say it was an absolutely ease. Nancy Wu, an experienced TVB actress who holds the record for the most TVB Anniversary Awards for Best Supporting Actress nominations – 5 times & in 2015, won her first as Best Actress, flew down for a […]

BRYLCREEM ‘Effortless Fresh’

Executing a 1-take trick shot is never easy. I’ve done it on a job several years back, & know the complexities involved. It may look easy in the final visual, but it’s nothing but. Now, imagine when you’ve got 3, 1-take trick shots to do in 1 commercial! That’s the challenge we were tasked with, […]

NANO WHITE ‘Annoying Dark Spot’

It was swell working once more with Clients Tohtunku, on their new tvc for Nano White featuring Eyka Farhana, a young & vibrant actress with a beauty that shines through her captivating smile & good looks.  Together with production house Hot Pictures & agency BBDO, we crafted a film that isn’t just a typical beauty […]