FEBREZE ‘Mira Filzah’

Working with ATF, Astro, Clients P&G & celebrity Mira Filzah on this board was a charm.  Minimal fuss, straightforward & with a young budding actress who played the part of a curious neighbor, we had a good camaraderie going.  But because we only had 1 day to complete this pretty long board – that also […]

KFC Spicy Nuggets

My 1st full on KFC job.  A good start.  From the brains of Agency VMLY&R & teaming up with Lightflux Productions, we set out to create some interesting visuals with dynamic camera moves to enhance the basic concept – that has a double meaning.  Five items, using more & more of our fingers as we […]

KFC ‘Bucket Kongsi’

A spot for when you’re stuck in a mad jam, hungry cos it’s break-fast time/or just dinner time, & have the KFC Bucket to fill you up!  Working with Agency VMLY&R & Lightflux Productions once more, we shot this spot at TAR U/C by blocking part of the roads, & at the Latar Highway R&R […]

KFC ‘Arabian Spice Crunch’

The 3rd spot for KFC, with a new hot & spicy flavor with a Middle Eastern twist.  This was a lot of fun to shoot, as we had the opportunity to build a huge Arabian-styled ‘Palace’ interior to shoot in & to also use as a backdrop.  From the same creative minds at VMLY&R, & […]

KFC ‘Arabian Spice Burger’

Just purely focusing on the food porn shots, we shot 5 shots in a day.  The brief from Agency VMLY&R was to create some delicious visuals that could fit within a short duration, yet linger long enough to whet the appetite.  So we shot some ingredients that go into the making of the final burger.  […]


After a short stint away from WiPro UNZA, we’re back! Working with Agency Ensemble & Production House KDCo, we’re filming an updated SYG product with the lovely celebrity, Amyra Rosli.  Shot completely against a Blue Screen, we had Amyra in good make-up with beauty poses, interacting with the products, etc & also in bad make-up […]

TOYOTA ‘Move Your World’

A local internal campaign meant to showcase some of the talents within the automotive giant & how what they do is able to ‘move’ the company forward.  From Agency Trapper working with Shootworksasia, we planned for a 3 day shoot with 10 skilled employees, in various locations, the main MV Office, a sales showroom, a […]


An original concept from Agency Hakuhodo & produced by Shootworksasia. I found this very exciting as I enjoy coming up with matching split-screens & almost literally changed most of the scenarios.  While we needed the scenes to make sense, to match but with strict dos & don’ts from the clients about revealing too much about […]

MR POTATO ‘Neymar’

This was a first for me: Handling just the post-production for a job shot in the UK by a UK team.  Utilizing footages of football sensation Neymar shot against greenscreen, we gathered a team of freelancers to reedit & also to create some cool not-seen-very-often CGI environments.  Because we were limited by what Neymar’s actions […]

SAFI Microbiome ‘Range’

The 2nd of the Microbiome ads under Ensemble & clients WiPro Unza, KDco & myself shot 5 of the talented singing girl group Bahiyya Haneesa against blue & green screens – due to the various colors of their wardrobe.  Very eager to perform & do their best, they were always smiling, humble & exuded true […]