TM UNIFI Mesh WiFi ‘Interferences’

Shooting 3 spots in 1 day is no easy feat, but we, Optinovus Films, managed to pull it off in good time, thanks to the great cast that we had & the familiarity we established from previous shoots.  It was a long project from conception to end with an original idea from Agency VMLY&R to eventually Grey Malaysia, but the outcome are 3 creative & comical spots for Clients Telekom Malaysia.  What’s particularly unique about this production is the gathering of 4 KOLs under 1 roof!  We tailored each board to each character, & this particular one featured Haneesya & Lehman in a frantic search for WiFi.  The thing that stood out for this board was the multiplication of Lehman performing different gestures & finally merging into one as he falls. Shot in different parts of a large 1 house/office location, we used the Canon C200 with the Sony A73 for back up shots. DOP was Nick Lee, with grading by Setyo & the rest of post completed at Post Fellas.