REXONA Massive Attack 2.0 ‘Shoulder Press’

I had loads of fun shooting this, after all, it’s right up my alley J. I was even my own technical advisor, in terms of how to spot, & plank.  Thanks to a cool board from agency Ensemble & Play Pictures, we created something funny & lasting.  Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the foul green body odor emitted from sweaty undearms as we have Rexona Body Spray to set things right! The shoot went extremely smoothly and a big part of it is because of the excellent casting. The talents were spot on, & trucked on through several of the repetitive takes.

Fot this shoulder press spot, our main guy had to do some many sets of an average 5-8 reps each as we had to sync his movements with his spotter friend fainting & falling onto a hidden mattress.s  We shot with Nick Lee as DOP using his Canon C200.  Color grading was completed at Meccanicca EFX with the rest in-house at Play Pictures.