Working with Creative Funk & Agency BBDO, we created a spot that not only captured the essence of Chinese New Year & the great abundance of health & wealth, but one that was done in a humorous & tasteful manner.  With local DJ/Singer/Actor Jack Lim in the lead role, it was great fun to see him work his magic through his gestures & facial expressions.  During pre-production, there were long discussions on whether his hair should be an Afro-style or a really long Chinese Period hairstyle, & in the end, the Afro-style won, as it was more instantaneous & in-your-face, which is what we were striving for.  The car tires were completely CGI & we had to shoot several passes to achieve this effect.  Shot in a day in 3 locations using the Canon 5D Mark II with Nick Lee as DOP, with Post-Production at Cubiz Post.