NANDO’s ‘Raya 2018’

This was a simple yet fun shoot.  Working on a minimalist setup with a creative concept from TBWA, Shootworksasia produced a spot for this coming Raya festive season that involved a comical approach, focusing more on expressions & storyline of one particular family, or actually, more on a character named Din. If we’re unclear about what the term ‘Boria’ means, it’s when everything has to be matching, in terms of clothing, colors, designs, etc.  So, Din’s boria attitude is fine & dandy up until he invites his friends & neighbors over for a dinner session, but everyone turns up in their own styles & colors.  He is taken aback at first, but eventually warms up to this ‘openness’ as he realizes that everyone is having fun & the atmosphere is full of laughter whilst enjoying the abundance of Nando’s delicious servings.  The main talent was a breeze to work with, as were the supporting roles & characterizations.  We shot this with the Sony FS7 with Loh as DP, & post-production was done by freelancer Vikster, with some grading support from Meccanica FX. Oh, & no fish were harmed during the course of this production.