This is, to date, the most challenging shoot I’ve ever encountered. Without going into specific details, let’s just say that for what we went through, the end results are something that I’m pretty proud of. And truly, the end result is really all that matters isn’t it. From Agency Connect Marketing Communications (Pakistan) & local production house Paradox Films, with production support from Bangkok, we set out to create a very lively yet classy & contemporary commercial for Pakistan food giants, Mehran. Combining a lyrical tune that has to be synchronized with the visuals, we showcased some of Pakistan’s finest foods & varieties together with a diverse mix of talent from all over the world. They all performed flawlessly, & hats off to our young & lovely mum talent, Faria, whom just brought a sense of warmth & elegance to the entire spot. Shot over 2 days at a beach house 2.5 hours away from our Bangkok hotel, you can just imagine the wasted hours spent travelling back & forth each day… but the location did provide us with beautiful backgrounds & the right mood. This was my 1st time using the Alexa Mini & it definitely won’t be the last. Food shots were mostly shot at 200fps, with Nick Lee as DOP. Complete post-production provided by VHQ Malaysia.