Another collaboration with Huawei & Play Pictures, but this time teaming up with Ogilvy & organisers Plus Community to work on a CSR project for the blind under the Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB).  Before starting this project, I knew very little about the Blind & what they go through everyday…how tough they have it, but they persevere to be as normal as they can be.  Now having gone through the entire process of shooting & working with them, I am truly humbled by the whole experience.  At times, it brought me, & almost everyone, to tears.  It makes you really appreciate how lucky we truly are.  It was a really quick turnaround, from inception to completion & everyone played a part to make it all happen.  The weather forecast threatened, but gave in to us thankfully.  We shot this with 3 cameras & a drone; an Arri Alexa, Sony FS7, Sony AS7 MII & an Inspire 1 drone, to capture as much footage as possible, because we aren’t dealing with seasoned actors.  What we wanted was authentic & real expressions & reactions, & that’s exactly what we got. Raw & flawed emotion.  This spot was DPed by Sean Loh, edited by freelancer Wing, with Color Grading at VHQ & the rest of post-production completed at Play Pictures.