HUAWEI NOVA 4 ‘Hannah’

This would make No.4 with Hannah Delisha & Play Pictures.  With more than 1.6 million followers, this young & talented lady is all grown up… well, in this latest Nova 4 ad, at least.  We’re portraying her as cool, sophisticated & classy, yet retaining a little of that cuteness that made her a fan-favorite to begin with.  With a relatively modest budget, we had 4 changes of wardrobe, & on top of that, we built all the sets with some digital set extensions to create this city & contemporary lifestyle that she moves around in.  It was a challenge in compositing some of the elements – including aerial footages of the Petronas Twin Towers, but the outcome is something to be proud of.  DPed by Kenz Koh using the Arri Alexa Mini, with color grading at Meccanicca EFX & the rest of Post-Production in Play Pictures.