SINGER ‘A Mother’s Work is Never Done’

This Singer Webfilm aims to bring back lovely memories of the past & connect them with our present. The concept came from Play Pictures own Copywriter/Producer Samantha, & we worked together to flesh out the visuals by using Split-Screens to denote the past & the present. It was indeed, an arduous task of shooting about […]

DIGI ‘2 Rooms’

Shot as a Webfilm, this 1-take spot looks simple enough, but it was anything but. Not wanting to compromise on quality & the attention span of the audience watching it, we had to ensure that the duration wasn’t too long but yet could fit in the lengthy VO – that is also informational – & […]

PIDM ‘Pantun’

The very 1st PIDM commercial to air in local stations, this was an eventful 2-day shoot that involved several locations in KL & Port Dickson.  The highlight (well, for me at least), was shooting from a Pegasus Crane up high between towering skyscrapers, with strong winds AND we had simulated rain!  It was challenging but I’d […]

YEN Bird’s Nest ‘Retain Your Youthful Moments’

Working on a shoestring budget, Cypress Films & K-GIC Advertising produced a spot for clients Eu Yan Sang, shooting their very first YEN Bird’s Nest commercial. Targeted at the younger generation, the spot features local celebrity, Lynn Lim, who met all the criteria of a very energetic & hardworking mum, besides being entrepreneurial & still […]

Enchanteur Paris ‘Princesse’

Working on my 3rd Enchanteur project with Ignite, Unza & Take Two (first experience with them, & hopefully many more to come) has been quite satisfying, with the end results on par with my expectations. Shot in the Hibiscus Park in KL & a studio setup as well, we braved the overcast skies & slight […]

OGAWA ‘OmKnee’

This was a fun idea from 180° & Ogawa that went through many iterations, executed by Take Two Productions, with our heroes being the Elderly Couple who appear throughout the commercial as active & energetic people. The secondary audience would be the other vignettes involving younger office females & athletes. The highlight of the spot, […]

CARE Condoms ‘Dominatrix’

The 1st of 3 boards all shot in 1 day, the Shootworks worked tirelessly to create sensual yet artistic visuals involving minimal propping with costumes that fit each theme – thanks to Elaine for the wonderful wardrobe options. Our talent, of course, requires special mention, as she was brazen & confident enough to partake in […]

ENCHANTEUR ‘The Way of Passion’

I would call this TVC the sequel or the next step towards the loving marital relationship of Sazzy & Nash. Working closely with Ignite, Twisted Media & clients Wipro Unza once again, we created this beautiful & elegant spot that differentiates itself enough from the very 1st campaign, whilst still maintaining the loving vitality that […]

New Balance ‘Color Run’

‘The Color Run is for the People.’ No description is more apt than this. Co-sponsored by New Balance, Agency Cheil China Group together with their recently acquired Bravo Asia came up with this idea to further enhance New Balance’s on-going Runnovation campaign, by involving themselves with the Color Run held in Singapore August 2013. Working […]

Tourism Malaysia “Beach_Spa_Golf 30s”

This was & remains my most challenging & adventurous shoot to date. It was all about working together & persevering through the tough times & coming out triumphant. Shot over 8 days excluding traveling days, it involved a lot of walking, running, & more walking with an additional 4 days of recce, to most parts […]