DIGI ‘2 Rooms’

Shot as a Webfilm, this 1-take spot looks simple enough, but it was anything but. Not wanting to compromise on quality & the attention span of the audience watching it, we had to ensure that the duration wasn’t too long but yet could fit in the lengthy VO – that is also informational – & the visuals matched the VO as well. The concept, from Naga DDB, was definitely interesting & required very technical execution by the production team. Working with MVP Productions, we had multiple rehearsals during the morning of the shoot, & ended up getting our preferred shots, for 3 languages… after a good 181 arduous takes! The weary & tired talents persevered & perfected their routines & timings to a tee, which was indeed good inspiration for the rest of us behind the scenes. We had 3 guys working on the camera, myself as operator, a focus puller & the 1st AC who worked on the zooming & out work. DOP was Loh, with Post-Production handled by Sotong Potong.