Tourism Malaysia “Beach_Spa_Golf 30s”

This was & remains my most challenging & adventurous shoot to date. It was all about working together & persevering through the tough times & coming out triumphant. Shot over 8 days excluding traveling days, it involved a lot of walking, running, & more walking with an additional 4 days of recce, to most parts of Malaysia I myself had never been to before. I had this saying in the midst of the shoot… ‘Sometimes, I find myself a Tourist in my own country.’ We have many lovely places to spend good quality times, if only we know where to look. With the production handled by One Worldwide & agency Smascom, we traveled in West Malaysia to Penang, Langkawi, Malacca & KL, & covered all aspects of the 5 pillars; shopping, food, beach & spa & golf, eco, & culture. Targeting Mainland China – including Hong Kong & Taiwan, we, together with our ever-energetic Chinese talent couple in tow, painted the town red. Thankfully, we shot this close to the Chinese New Year period, so some of the venues had set up hanging Red Lanterns which helped to beautify the environment further. Of course, we had to rig our own Lanterns in some of the other places, i.e. Gurney Drive & the Khoo Kongsi, etc. Camera setups were not major, with a couple of shots on cranes. We used the Arri Alexa XT together with the Canon c300 Mark II, & for aerial shots, we used the DJI Inspire. DPed by longtime collaborator Nick Lee, I must say that I’m pretty proud of what we’ve managed to accomplish considering the time & amount of footages we had to capture – for the MV version too. Complete post-production was handled by VHQ Malaysia, with Pan as editor, & Wai Wo as the Online artist.