SINGER ‘A Mother’s Work is Never Done’

This Singer Webfilm aims to bring back lovely memories of the past & connect them with our present. The concept came from Play Pictures own Copywriter/Producer Samantha, & we worked together to flesh out the visuals by using Split-Screens to denote the past & the present. It was indeed, an arduous task of shooting about 60 shots in a day, but we persevered & managed to cover ample footage using the Red Scarlett & the Canon 6D. We also had to run to 2 different locations, one home representing our current modern times, & the other house, older times. It’s a touching spot, that makes you reminisce about how things have changed. Remember the times of the old Singer Sewing machine? Our talents were real troopers, with the 2 several sets of wardrobe changes, they performed perfectly. DOP was Loh, with Production & Post-Production handled by Play Pictures.