BREEZE 3 in 1 ‘One Toss’

Shooting this was a breeze – pun intended :D.  From a rough overseas adaptation, Samantha from Play Pictures crafted this board & acted as EP for the job with clients Unilever watching the shoot remotely.  With a nice house setup, together with great talents, we wrapped up early & it would’ve been earlier if not […]

CARE Condoms ‘Dominatrix’

The 1st of 3 boards all shot in 1 day, the Shootworks worked tirelessly to create sensual yet artistic visuals involving minimal propping with costumes that fit each theme – thanks to Elaine for the wonderful wardrobe options. Our talent, of course, requires special mention, as she was brazen & confident enough to partake in […]

DARLIE ‘Double Action with Nad Zainal’

Well, this was a fun & fast shoot considering the challenges we went through; especially when you’re dealing with real ordinary people with no acting experience. 😀  In this case, we opted to use Nad (a local celebrity actress) and her real family; husband & son.  Well, we realized it was by no means an easy […]

DIGI ‘2 Rooms’

Shot as a Webfilm, this 1-take spot looks simple enough, but it was anything but. Not wanting to compromise on quality & the attention span of the audience watching it, we had to ensure that the duration wasn’t too long but yet could fit in the lengthy VO – that is also informational – & […]

DIMSUM ‘College’

The 1st of 4 spots for dimsum, aimed at the young college crowd.  I’m sure you’ve all been or know someone who has been in similar situations; socially awkward teen who feels like an outcast & through the goodness of one friend & in this case, one App that can bring us all closer together.  […]

DIMSUM ‘Family Forever’

For this & the next spot, we proposed to utilise the same main female talent & household.  This would help in reducing cost & logistics as both the boards we shot in 1 day.  However, we had to reset lighting for certain scenes 3 times as we had the same female talent dress up differently […]

DIMSUM ‘Family Together’

This final board revolved around a messy home – people with children can most likely relate to this.  We may have exaggerated slightly with the trail of toys, but that helps to build more tension after all.  The main star of the spot, though, was the homemade tent & after countless hours of back & […]

DIMSUM ‘Love Forever’

This idea dealt with romance between a loving couple.  However, when we start off the spot, we find that the girlfriend is deep in thought…almost ignoring her boyfriend.  Bewildered, he invites her out & sets up this romantic picnic to woo her once more. Needless to say, it works well, as he also has help from […]

ENCHANTEUR ‘The Way of Passion’

I would call this TVC the sequel or the next step towards the loving marital relationship of Sazzy & Nash. Working closely with Ignite, Twisted Media & clients Wipro Unza once again, we created this beautiful & elegant spot that differentiates itself enough from the very 1st campaign, whilst still maintaining the loving vitality that […]

Enchanteur Paris ‘Princesse’

Working on my 3rd Enchanteur project with Ignite, Unza & Take Two (first experience with them, & hopefully many more to come) has been quite satisfying, with the end results on par with my expectations. Shot in the Hibiscus Park in KL & a studio setup as well, we braved the overcast skies & slight […]