BREEZE 3 in 1 ‘One Toss’

Shooting this was a breeze – pun intended :D.  From a rough overseas adaptation, Samantha from Play Pictures crafted this board & acted as EP for the job with clients Unilever watching the shoot remotely.  With a nice house setup, together with great talents, we wrapped up early & it would’ve been earlier if not […]

CARE Condoms ‘Dominatrix’

The 1st of 3 boards all shot in 1 day, the Shootworks worked tirelessly to create sensual yet artistic visuals involving minimal propping with costumes that fit each theme – thanks to Elaine for the wonderful wardrobe options. Our talent, of course, requires special mention, as she was brazen & confident enough to partake in […]

DIGI ‘2 Rooms’

Shot as a Webfilm, this 1-take spot looks simple enough, but it was anything but. Not wanting to compromise on quality & the attention span of the audience watching it, we had to ensure that the duration wasn’t too long but yet could fit in the lengthy VO – that is also informational – & […]

DOWNY ‘Mira Filzah’

A back to back shoot with Febreze, we shot this with ATF, Astro, Clients P&G & celebrity Mira.  But unlike Febreze, this was way more challenging as we had more scenes (including Ramadan & Raya), more talents involved, talking clothing & flower petals effects, a change of clothes & make-up for Mira midway through, etc.  […]

ENCHANTEUR ‘The Way of Passion’

I would call this TVC the sequel or the next step towards the loving marital relationship of Sazzy & Nash. Working closely with Ignite, Twisted Media & clients Wipro Unza once again, we created this beautiful & elegant spot that differentiates itself enough from the very 1st campaign, whilst still maintaining the loving vitality that […]

ENSURE GOLD ‘True Strength’

This board was solely all about talent direction.  And we had pretty good talents – except for maybe the child 😀 , so that was a plus.  From agency Entropia & clients Abbott, together with Lightflux Productions, we shot this regional ad in 1 day, in 1 location.  Having to setup the ‘office’ scene in […]

FEBREZE ‘Mira Filzah’

Working with ATF, Astro, Clients P&G & celebrity Mira Filzah on this board was a charm.  Minimal fuss, straightforward & with a young budding actress who played the part of a curious neighbor, we had a good camaraderie going.  But because we only had 1 day to complete this pretty long board – that also […]

FUN 88 ‘UEFA 2016’

Nothing beats shooting in a foreign location like Paris – we’ve got beautiful scenery & landscapes, nice sunlight – unless it’s at very cold temperatures. And unfortunately, that’s what we had. Spring-time, with the average temp hovering around 7° to 14°, imagine what our poor celebrity talent had to endure. Fortunately for us, Cathryn Lee […]

GLO ‘Top Speed Mum’

Fun, straight-to-the-point idea, with the addition of ‘X-Men-like’ speed effects, from the minds of agency VMLY&R & clients Colgate Palmolive. Working with Optinovus Films, we crafted a story that showed the efficacy of Glo combined with a warm, family story, all within a 20sec spot. The pressure was definitely on, as this concept underwent major […]

HONOR 7X ‘SonaOne’

Whenever you get a celebrity-related job, there’s always a slight concern whether he/she will be a prima donna. There’re usually plenty of demands of this & that put forth by managers, & this was Honor 7X job was no different. So, naturally I was completely taken aback when SonaOne stepped on set… he is the […]