INDOMIE GORENG ‘How to Cook – Stove, Guy’

This was a great collaboration between Agency Main Ad, Production House Netracom (EP Lucia & Producer Sandiy) in Jakarta & Indofood as clients, with the tvc aimed at International Markets such as Europe & the Middle East. The idea is meant to be straightforward, instructing viewers on how to make the delicious Indomie the right way. So, what we had to focus on were to create appetizing food shots. Needless to say, shooting food products consume a huge amount of time, but we were well prepared, with Art Director Muar doing pre-test shots with the liquid pouring elements & also building 2 suitable & believable kitchen sets at the beautiful house location in Sentul. Thankfully, the weather was great for the scenes overlooking the rolling hills in the background. We shot all 5 versions in 3 days, with Puji as food stylist & Australian DP Kipling Baker. We had the luxury of shooting using the Arri Alexa for the talent shots & the Phantom Flex for the mostly 1000 fps romantic food shots. Color grading was completed at Oriental Post.