TOURISM MALAYSIA ‘Your Story to Share, Our Promise to Keep : Food’

Durian season or no, the shoot must go on. And so we soldiered on, crafting appetizing food scenarios & shots that catered to the very specific China market, showing how Malaysia can be an amazing food haven if you only know where to look. Of course, we have our signature traditional dishes from the many different races; Nasi Lemak, Bak Kut Teh, Paper Tissue/Mamak food & Baba & Nyona dessert/kuih. We had to ensure that the food looked delicious on every level with inviting backdrops & lighting… & I’m sure pretty sure we succeeded. Some of the feedback I heard was that the audience was actually hungry & longed for a particular dish. Cantaloupe in the Troika (KL) provided fine dining with a view of the Petronas Twin Towers, which was & still is breathtaking & magical to an extent. Having pulled some strings, we managed to convince the Twin Towers to keep their lights on a little longer than normal for us to achieve our visuals. As with the many other Tourism versions, this was handled by One Worldwide & Smascom. We used the Arri Alexa XT together with the Canon c300 Mark II. Nick Lee was of couse, the DOP, & we had complete post-production in VHQ Malaysia, with Pan as editor, & Wai Wo as the Online artist.