GO CHEESE ‘Transform’

Collaborating with Scion & Twisted Media for another Gowardhan tv spot for India after a successful GoMilk campaign, we created a hardworking yet endearing ad that would appeal to mothers & children alike. Working in the Art Director’s own home, we built a set extension of the kitchen which looked just like a part of the real furniture, & had several wardrobe changes for our kids together with mum. Needless to say, this was a long & challenging day shoot involving many beauty food visuals & the young talents having to interact & emote well with each other. In the end, we managed to complete 35 shots in 20 hours, an achievement in every sense of the word. Using the new ARRI ALEXA XT – which allows for in-camera ARRIRAW recording – allowed us to create excellent visuals that appeared more ‘film-like’. With Nick Lee as DOP & Twisted Media handling post-production, I do believe we crafted an appetizing spot for GO once again.