PER’L CAFE ‘Growing with Per’l’

This was a tough shoot…as it normally is, especially when we’re striving for a particular coffee & foam texture that looks appetizing & premium. And having several of them doesn’t help either… 😀 . Adding to that, a few product demo shots & numerous wardrobe changes for talent to fit our storyline, & we’ve got a whole day of setting & resetting & moving about. Our female protagonist with her mother were crucial in determining the success of this idea, as we needed to see & feel the bond that they shared throughout the years, culminating in her coming of age & getting married on this day. They gave their all, & it shows. Mum was a particular trooper, as she soldiered on despite coming down with a slight sore throat. In the end, it was a team effort; with Screen Asia Network, agency Singnan Communications & clients Power Root, together with a strong production team that made everything possible. We shot using the Red Dragon, mainly to achieve the high-speed food shots. DP was Nick Lee with complete Post-Production at VHQ Malaysia.