OGAWA ‘OmKnee’

This was a fun idea from 180° & Ogawa that went through many iterations, executed by Take Two Productions, with our heroes being the Elderly Couple who appear throughout the commercial as active & energetic people. The secondary audience would be the other vignettes involving younger office females & athletes. The highlight of the spot, […]


This was a humbling shoot.  Raw, real, guerilla style through & through. Agency Mullenlowe came up with the idea together with Tesco Malaysia, to produce something for Merdeka that would pay tribute to their employees.  But these were no ordinary employees, they’ve gone through some pretty tough times; & we wanted to highlight some of the […]

SSM ‘Resipi untuk Berjaya’

This BM version is pretty much the same idea as the English version, though some parts of the execution are different. We didn’t want it to both be an exact replica of each other, thus we treated the ending differently as well as the ingredients introduction. Mum & daughter, again, played a pivotal role in […]

VIVO X50 PRO ‘A Photo Journey with Ian Teh’

Now, this 2nd Vivo project was definitely more exhausting & challenging than Raisa’s film.  With another script from VMLY&R & production house Shootworksasia, we worked with National Geographic contributor Ian Teh & travelled to Sekinchan – about 1 hour from KL – & had a full day shoot there, from day to night, as we […]

HUAWEI NOVA 4 ‘Hannah’

This would make No.4 with Hannah Delisha & Play Pictures.  With more than 1.6 million followers, this young & talented lady is all grown up… well, in this latest Nova 4 ad, at least.  We’re portraying her as cool, sophisticated & classy, yet retaining a little of that cuteness that made her a fan-favorite to […]

CARE Condoms ‘Dominatrix’

The 1st of 3 boards all shot in 1 day, the Shootworks worked tirelessly to create sensual yet artistic visuals involving minimal propping with costumes that fit each theme – thanks to Elaine for the wonderful wardrobe options. Our talent, of course, requires special mention, as she was brazen & confident enough to partake in […]

TESCO MERDEKA ‘Heart of Gold’

I have not come across a more sincere & thankful lady, who does not look her age.  Aunty Mildred, a kind soul, always smiling & spreading cheer to people around her.  With completely no acting experience whatsoever, she portrayed her genuine self & all we had to do was capture that on camera.  Compared to […]

HUAWEI ‘Nova Series 2i with Hannah Delisha’

This was indeed a fun spot to film from Huawei & Play Pictures. Though it was a long & tiring shoot, we managed to capture the fun & lively essence of what this new Huawei phone is all about. From a basic adaptation idea we created something significantly different that stands apart from its Thai […]


Big. Bold.  Oozing pressure.  But we pulled it off.  From a creative idea under Grey Malaysia & production Optinovus Film, we went through several iterations and finally settled on this.  My original intent was to create a complete one take commercial from beginning to end.  However, this became highly improbable, as we had time limitations […]

MERCEDES-BENZ CNY2019 ‘What Do You Love?’

An idea inspired by another B&W film by a famous other brand, Agency Publicis EMIL together with MU Productions & myself worked on producing several of these testimonial ads for renowned German car-maker Mercedes-Benz Malaysia for the upcoming Chinese New Year.  They picked MB Ambassadors, KOLs & just some regular folks with different personalities to […]