F&B75 Videos


I crave for action & energetic spots like this. It gives you a special high & more so when you have an affinity for this particular sport, which is MMA. While I don’t compete myself, I do enjoy catching live performances or even on tv. Thus, when the concept of fusing MMA with an Energy […]


My first collaboration with agencies; Havas Worldwide & Advance Denmark, clients Sunquick Denmark & Malaysia, & Chillipepper Films, was a good one. A hardworking but fruitful one, especially in terms of the 25 hour shoot we put ourselves through to achieve the 42 total boarded shots! J Taking that & the numerous product shots covered […]

Burger King ‘The Western’

Produced by Twisted Media & the Agency Trelo, Burger King Malaysia launched its very first TV Commercial featuring the Western Whopper. Filmed in a local Tin Mining area that stood in for the rough desserts of the West – complete with mock-up tumbleweed blowing in the wind,  this spot showed how much the Western Whopper […]

PER’L CAFE ‘Growing with Per’l’

This was a tough shoot…as it normally is, especially when we’re striving for a particular coffee & foam texture that looks appetizing & premium. And having several of them doesn’t help either… 😀 . Adding to that, a few product demo shots & numerous wardrobe changes for talent to fit our storyline, & we’ve got […]

JULIE’S HERSHEY’S ‘Perfect Pairings’

Working with One Worldwide & Long’s Creative with new clients Hershey’s was indeed a pleasant one. The board – from conception – went through many iterations due to severe budget constraints – & was trimmed down to just romancing food shots. Needless to say, shooting food has always been challenging, but we were well-prepared & […]

MAMEE ‘Perfecto’

Our 2nd collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi has led us to this gem of a commercial. Stylish, classy & visually daring in its approach to showcase the new appetizing Mamee Perfecto chips, Shootworks & the team worked for long hours on the shoot day itself to make this a reality. The talents were of good […]

GO CHEESE ‘Transform’

Collaborating with Scion & Twisted Media for another Gowardhan tv spot for India after a successful GoMilk campaign, we created a hardworking yet endearing ad that would appeal to mothers & children alike. Working in the Art Director’s own home, we built a set extension of the kitchen which looked just like a part of […]

MAGNOLIA Sherbet ‘Hammock Flip’

Following the success of the GMGN spot, we next focused our expertise on the Magnolia Sherbet campaign.  Using an International talent of mix parentage, we had some wire rigging required to hoist her up into the air from a hammock.  Though it was time consuming, the final shot looks realistic enough & all the work […]

GO MILK ‘Milk is Young Again’

This was a job produced under Twisted Media Malaysia & the Agency SCION, for GO Milk India.  It was shot in Malaysia & in 2 locations; a high-end supermarket & a bungalow.  Talents were flown in from 2 different countries, South Africa & Europe, & performed exceptionally well, hinting at just the right subtleties at […]

INDOMIE GORENG ‘How to Cook – Stove, Guy’

This was a great collaboration between Agency Main Ad, Production House Netracom (EP Lucia & Producer Sandiy) in Jakarta & Indofood as clients, with the tvc aimed at International Markets such as Europe & the Middle East. The idea is meant to be straightforward, instructing viewers on how to make the delicious Indomie the right […]