I crave for action & energetic spots like this. It gives you a special high & more so when you have an affinity for this particular sport, which is MMA. While I don’t compete myself, I do enjoy catching live performances or even on tv. Thus, when the concept of fusing MMA with an Energy Drink came along from Singnan Communications & clients Power Root, I jumped at the opportunity wholeheartedly. With Malaysia’s top fighter Peter Davis, we managed to carve out a spot that showcases energy, vitality & power through his actions at work, home & at his training sessions. The shoot was definitely an energy sapping one, requiring Peter to perform several takes of intense training exercises, as evident in his facial expressions, allowing the audience to see the sweat & immense effort required to be at the top of your game. Shot at a house location & a semi-abandoned warehouse, we utilized the mood & ambiance completely, crafting an edgy & raw look that’s bound to get the adrenaline flowing. We used the Red Dragon with production support from Screen Asia Network. Our DP was Loh with complete Post-Production at VHQ Malaysia. Special mention goes out to Pan, who created a wonderful & electrifying edit!