F&B65 Videos


It’s not everyday that we get to shoot a firefighter battling a blaze.  So I soaked in (but literally was drenched) every minute of the experience & while physically challenging, I embraced it! An originally concept from Havas-Immerse, Singnan Communications then worked with Power Root to further strengthen the board to meet certain criteria.  In the […]

ALICAFE & ALITEA WARUNG ‘Macam Dolu-Dolu’ *YouTube Malaysia Ad Awards 2019 – Best Breakthrough Advertiser

With the creative idea from Havas Immerse, Singnan Communications & myself set out to recreate an almost identical scene from the 1960s P.Ramlee film ‘Ibu Mertuaku’, to tie in with the new Alicafe Warung Kopi product.  This was a very interesting challenge, having to change the dialogue but still keep the essence of this fiery […]

ANGEL SOY SAUCE ‘Pure & Natural’

This was my 1st collaboration with agency Ideasmith & clients Bidor Kwong Heng & the Xth of many with Play Pictures & I must admit that while it was challenging from day one, the end result was exactly what we envisioned it to be. The concept required one talent, who performed extremely well, & the […]

Burger King ‘The Western’

Produced by Twisted Media & the Agency Trelo, Burger King Malaysia launched its very first TV Commercial featuring the Western Whopper. Filmed in a local Tin Mining area that stood in for the rough desserts of the West – complete with mock-up tumbleweed blowing in the wind,  this spot showed how much the Western Whopper […]

CAP BURUH ‘Rewind’

I had much fun shooting this although not necessarily an easy shoot, because liquids have a mind of their own & getting the right crispiness & textures of the chicken was time consuming.  But, in the end, with the right idea from Clients Lam Soon & ourselves from Singnan Communications, we came up with some […]

CARLSBERG ‘East Malaysia Harvest’

An interesting project marrying both a live-action shoot with 2d/3d CGI icons of flora & fauna from specifically designed EM Harvest Festival cans.  From the creative minds of Agency Grey Malaysia, & clients Carlsberg together with PH Gary Chong Studios, we shot this spot in one day at the Long House resort out in Semenyih.  […]

CARNATION CNY 2022 ‘Pour Some Love’

I looked forward to this shoot. I can’t explain why, but it’s probably because I was invested in the storyline, & have always wanted to shoot a cook who’s all stressed, creating some chaos in the kitchen, with some frantic yet controlled camera movements.  And the result is something I’m quite proud of.  With the […]


This job all but seemed impossible. While the story from Ag Ogilvy Philippines seemed pretty straightforward, shooting it was anything but.  I worked under Passion Plus as production support under Media Monks in Malaysia, & we were tasked with shooting 5 short boards in 1 day.  Initially there were more boards, but because of limitations, […]

CONNOR’S ‘Bring the Pub Home’

One of 3 new spots for Connor’s with the general idea from Agency Grey Malaysia, & clients Carlsberg & PH Motionrom.  This is my favorite as it showcases an incredibly smooth transition from scene to scene.  We had meticulous planning & rehearsals to get the line up of shots right, as I wanted to have […]

CONNOR’S ‘Glass Evolution’

One of 3 new spots for Connor’s with the general idea from Agency Grey Malaysia, & clients Carlsberg & PH Motionrom.  I’m incredibly proud of the end results of all 3 spots, & this video, like the other, provides a very sleek & stylish look at the evolution from the old glass to the new.  […]