CARLSBERG ‘East Malaysia Harvest’

An interesting project marrying both a live-action shoot with 2d/3d CGI icons of flora & fauna from specifically designed EM Harvest Festival cans.  From the creative minds of Agency Grey Malaysia, & clients Carlsberg together with PH Gary Chong Studios, we shot this spot in one day at the Long House resort out in Semenyih.  With authentic East Malaysian settings & props (brought in by Art Department William) together with our all East Malaysian cast dressed in contemporary traditional outfits, we created a beautiful celebration with dance to be remembered, bolstered by befitting composed music from East Malaysian Ian.  The shoot was fast & pretty straightforward, with no hiccups except some minor rain, which didn’t affect us as we were indoors.  DP was Jeffrey & we used the Red Raptor (8k) & some shots with the Ronin on the crane.  Edited by Pan, graded by Jia Seng, & onlined by KC at APV.  All 2d/3d icons provided by Fly Studios.