An original concept from Agency Hakuhodo & produced by Shootworksasia. I found this very exciting as I enjoy coming up with matching split-screens & almost literally changed most of the scenarios.  While we needed the scenes to make sense, to match but with strict dos & don’ts from the clients about revealing too much about […]

TOYOTA Alphard 2024 ‘Quiet Luxury’

One of my proudest works… mainly attributed to its execution.  Through thick & thin, Shootworksasia, Dentsu LHS & the Clients made this a reality. From the get-go, I wanted to have the Robotic Arm to execute the dynamic shots that only a robotic arm can do.  Differentiating us from the competition.  Working with DP Nicholas […]

TOYOTA HEV ‘Reflections’

Easily one of the most challenging jobs I’ve encountered, from inception all the way to post-production.  In short, the end result that you see is expanded tenfold from the original Dentsu LHS concept, mainly trying to show as many different reflections on the car as possible.  Working with Shootworksasia & DP Nicholas Chin, we shot […]

TOYOTA INNOVA ZENIX ‘Elevate Every Moment’

Fun & challenging would be the best words to describe this project.  Working from a script from Agency Dentsu that evolved over time, Shootworksasia & myself collaborated for yet another Toyota spot, this time focusing on the Innova Zenix.  An updated & far superior model to its predecessor, we wanted to showcase the premium quality […]

TOYOTA VIOS ‘Made for More’

I must admit, it’s been a while since I’ve shot a full on car commercial, & on this scale.  The biggest I’ve ever done to be honest.  Of course, it came with many challenges, especially shooting this many shots within 3 days – ended having 1 additional conti day due to rain.  From the mind […]