VIVO X50 PRO ‘A Photo Journey with Ian Teh’

Now, this 2nd Vivo project was definitely more exhausting & challenging than Raisa’s film.  With another script from VMLY&R & production house Shootworksasia, we worked with National Geographic contributor Ian Teh & travelled to Sekinchan – about 1 hour from KL – & had a full day shoot there, from day to night, as we needed to get some sunsets & night scenes as well.  Sekinchan is a place of raw beauty rich with local culture.  The people are incredibly friendly & humble.  We went anywhere & everywhere to shoot, except for the really touristic spots, as we wanted to feature Ian’s traversing of hidden gems, capturing the realism of life in this small town, something that he has great affinity for. Shooting on a weekend led to some parts being more busy than others, but we managed to work around that.  Shot guerilla style using the Sony A7iii (again, with sometimes 2 cameras) & the DJI Mavic Air 2, with myself as camera operator.  Full post-production completed in-house at SWA.