TM unifi Air ‘Thematic’

Working on a tight budget, we came up with an idea that solely relied on our cast & what they had to say.  We wanted the audience to listen as this was an important story for them to tell. It’s a second chance for some, & we wanted the world to empathize.  With steely resolve & a gaze that can mesmerize, our lead talent Haneesya Hani, just 19years, showed just how professional she is.  It made all our work a lot easier.  Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for her male counterpart, ‘Lucky’… as his required more focus & patience to complete.  We had to complete the entire scenario including the intercuts of them within a day, & with interactive lighting & a great edit, we at Optinovus Films, managed to turn an idea by VMLY&R & clients TM into something meaningful yet visually enticing. Shot with the Canon C200 with Nick Lee as DOP.  Color Grading by Setyo & the rest of post-production was completed at Post Fellas.