This board was a similar idea with a slightly different execution from the HIM version, but we shot this with another female public figure who also loved to dance, & of course like the guy, she performed fantastically.  With a basic idea from Agency Mullenlowe, Shootworksasia teamed up with myself to create this colorful dance number with a rather contrasting start.  We wanted a dark & brooding atmosphere to begin with, minimalist in nature, & everything bursts into color once our protagonist consumes the 1stbit of the delicious chicken.  Every dance move was nailed & the edit (including grading & online), put together by freelancer Zee Vern, was a truly fun & lively multiplication effort that sells what the product is all about.  The most challenging was to create the graphic movements & design layouts of the ingredients, because we only shot certain ingredients that we could get from physical stores.  The rest were stock images that were then animated.  Shot using the Sony FS7 with DP Loh.