This may seem straightforward visually, but it’s anything but…. From the creative team TBWA based on the Gwiyomi trend, we went through several iterations of the lyrics & finally settled on this. Syncing the actions & singing of the 3 leading ladies was quite challenging, not to mention the hours that went into their dance choreography.  And because we knew we wanted to layer the dance visuals on top of one another, we had to shoot the 3 girls together as the underlying layer where there’s real interaction, & then reset & shoot them each separately – against different colored backgrounds – & trying their best to mimic their previous actions & timings. Of course, Q-Take helped tremendously in trying to match the visuals on-set.  Forza Pictures provided the production support & in the very end, with a bit of Online digital touch-ups, we created a spot that’s suited to the age & style that the creatives intended it to be.  Complete Post-production was provided by Sotong Potong. Shot using the Sony FS7 & Panasonic GH5 for the rig shots, with Loh as DOP.