SENZUES ‘Now You See Me’

Working with the fast expanding team at Shootworks with Agency Brand Kinetics & cosmeceutical clients Oregene, we came up with some stylish visuals for beauty & skin care commercial brand SenZues (pronounced Sensuous). It was an interesting concept that revolved around invisibility & the rebirth of new beautiful skin. Achieving the desired invisibility result was a challenge that we were all up for. Our perfectionist Russian talent Albina, had to literally paint herself with blue paint on various parts of her anatomy, & during Online, we would key-out & rotoscope the edges to make it seem seamless. Needless to say, it was messy & chaotic at times, however, we persevered & it’s a result we’re really excited about! Shot in a studio with complete stage set-build, this commercial was shot using the Arri Alexa with Loh as DOP. Post- production work included retouching of the hair, skin, keying out the blue, color grading, etc, all accomplished by Mustang Post.