SALONPAS ‘Neck & Back Pain’

2 of 3 X 15 second spots created for clients Hisamitsu, by ad agency Dentsu Singapore with production handled by Pixel Post Malaysia. All the boards targeted different painful areas of the body that can occur at different times of the day. The neck pain board involved a female talent, & was shot in an Office building. Art department had the monumental task of rearranging the furniture in this confined office space & every time we shifted camera angles, we would move the tables & shelves to accommodate the frame. For the back pain board, our talent is rudely awakened from his slumber because of the sudden lower back pain he feels. To enhance the visuals, we added stylized motion graphics that focus more on the nagging injured area & kept our attention on the remedy. The additional demo sequence that required weeks of tweaking to perfection, shows quite clearly how the Salonpas patch works. Shot Day-for-Night using the Canon 5D Mark III by DP Wong Tak Fung in 1 house location. Color Grading & post-production was completed in-house at Pixel Post.