With a script from FCB & Clients Fox Sports & Beiersdorf, Twisted Media & myself braved the logistics – shooting all the way in Janda Baik – & short timings to produce an action-packed football training spot that encapsulates what it is to be part of the Nivea Men. We worked with 5 All-Star players, all of whom are either still active in the sport, or semi-retired, but because they all have their own busy schedules, getting everyone together at one go proved to be impossible. Thus, we had to work around shooting 3 players first, & then the other 2 later on. The weather was overall good during most of the day, but on the very last shot, we were rained on, but we had no choice but to persevere & we finally achieved what we had set out to do. Nick Lee was my DOP, using the Canon 1DX – my 1st experience with the cam. Offline was edited by Farrell, with the rest of post-production provided by Twisted Media, & color grading at Meccanica FX.