HUAWEI ‘Nova Series 2i with Hannah Delisha’

This was indeed a fun spot to film from Huawei & Play Pictures. Though it was a long & tiring shoot, we managed to capture the fun & lively essence of what this new Huawei phone is all about. From a basic adaptation idea we created something significantly different that stands apart from its Thai counterpart. We Malaysian-ized it, & included a budding ‘love-story’ to create a younger appeal for the local audience.   Working with the young & ever-talented Hannah Delisha, a native Singaporean who is currently based in Malaysia, she was always the consummate professional; eager to show off her acting chops & to serenade us with her lovely voice during the MV portions. If you’re a fan of hers, you may notice that we have hints of her popular tv programme ‘Mr. Photographer’, especially obvious in the casting of a male ‘photographer’ talent who plays her love interest. Play Pictures together with freelance producer Paul went above & beyond to acquire some of my requests, namely the Turkish Ice-Cream seller, The Living Statue & The Air-Stream food truck. Of course, the Art Department chipped in by providing ample props to create a bazaar-like ambiance. We shot using the Arri Alexa Mini with DOP Eric Yeong. VHQ provided color-grading services while post-production was completed in Play Pictures.