GNC ‘Better with Triflex’

One of 2 X 30 second spots created for clients GNC, by ad agency People n’ Rich with production handled by Shootworks, this board involved middle aged people that are either active in sports or involved in a lot of outdoor activities. In other words, even though we’re fit & healthy, we all will experience wear & tear to our bodies. Thus, with the GNC Triflex product, we can help alleviate the injuries & bring us closer to our original state. All the scenarios were shot in a studio, with a before & after treatment. We graded the before scenes as desaturated images to have a larger contrast for when we see the healing after process which is in color. The badminton player was required to really play badminton & perform many, many jumping smashes, whilst the lady hiker had to hike up a man-made rock formation at the peak of a mountain – which was actually made of styrofoam. Hi-tech stylized motion graphics were added to accentuate the healing scenes. The spot was shot using the Canon 5D Mark III by DP Loh, with Color Grading & Offline completed at Tiger Tiger, whilst Online & graphics were achieved at Meccanica FX.