FORD FOCUS ‘CineAd with Jin Lim’

The turnaround for this job was extremely quick; requiring half a day of of brainstorming on the concept & idea, another half a day of shoot, & a full day of editing, approvals, color grading on Flame, audio mix & online. Playing on the idea of ‘everything can be done’, Ford wanted to capitalize on local up & coming Radio DJ & director/actor, Jin Lim, as the main protagonist who has his new Ford Focus car that can do almost everything that a regular car can’t. Everything was shot on location, with minimal camera crew & very guerilla-style filmmaking. Thankfully, the weather was very coorperative & there were no hickups, as Jin was required at the radio station to start his show that very evening! Shot using the Canon C300 with Nick Lee as DOP, under Pegasus Film & agency JWT Malaysia. Complete Post-Production including Audio, was done at VHQ Post Malaysia.