FAIR & LOVELY ‘Sinari Aspirasi’ Webfilm

With the relative success of the previous spot, Agency Immerse & clients Unilever once again approached Play Pictures to produce another webfilm for the same product but for the following year. This time, we focused on a young lady & her mum, & how she strives for a better life amidst all the challenges in life. Our main talent was just phenomenal, her acting ever so subtle yet believable & empathetic. Towards the tailend of the shoot, she fell slightly ill, but persevered to complete her part regardless. We shot the film at the same location as before, MMU, & redressed a classroom to become a bedroom & set up the kuih stall within the University compound. The weather decided to go against us as it rained heavily, delaying our shoot by a couple of hours. Shot using the Arri Alexa Mini with Nick Lee as DP, we color graded at VHQ with the rest of post-production completed in-house at Play Pictures.