Fair & Lovely Foundation 2018 ‘Aini: Inspired by a True Story’

The 3rd in a long running series if you will, of this successful Scholarship Foundation offered by FAL (Unilever) to students who are less fortunate but equally inspiring & aspirational. With the intention of having a more realistic approach, Havas-Immerse based the concept on finding someone who was an actual recipient of the scholarship & to center the storyline around her & her earlier struggles, together with her family – mainly her dad. There was always a slight concern that because they aren’t actors & the dad has never been in front of a film camera let alone a shoot, that we may not be able to get the entire story that we wanted within a preset time. However, rest assured, we managed that & to be honest, we got the most genuine & real expressions & reactions from all of them. To top it off, Play Pictures & myself worked with the delightful celebrity actress/singer Daiyan Trisha who was extremely confident yet approachable , as she conducted the interview with ease & reassurance. With so many shots to cover, we had to use 2 cameras; the Sony FS7 & Sony A7s with DOP Sean Loh. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the luxury of proper color grading, so, everything was completed in-house at Play Pictures.