DIMSUM ‘Love Forever’

This idea dealt with romance between a loving couple.  However, when we start off the spot, we find that the girlfriend is deep in thought…almost ignoring her boyfriend.  Bewildered, he invites her out & sets up this romantic picnic to woo her once more. Needless to say, it works well, as he also has help from dimsum. Being mostly an outdoor shoot, we shot at a fiery pace as the forecast had thunderstorms in store for us.  Alas, we managed to complete all the shots without any real weather disturbances.  Shot on location at the Metropolitan Park & at a house in Taman Mayang.  We had 2 car rights using the Sony A7s Mii & Arri Alexa for other scenes, together with the Inspire 1 for aerial shots.  DOP was Sean Loh, & with color-grading by VHQ while post-production was completed in Play Pictures. ‘Close To You’ by the Carpenters (Ukelele Cover) music performed by Renee Dominique, in which clients bought the copyright for.