DIMSUM ‘Family Forever’

For this & the next spot, we proposed to utilise the same main female talent & household.  This would help in reducing cost & logistics as both the boards we shot in 1 day.  However, we had to reset lighting for certain scenes 3 times as we had the same female talent dress up differently for each ‘day’. Even so, to my credit, we managed to finish it 1 hour ahead of schedule lol.  The shooting pace was incredibly fast & of course, our cast was excellent. The grandma – who understood basic English – blew me away with her gutsy performance.  Shot in a house in Taman Mayang, using the Arri Alexa with Sean Loh as DOP. Color-grading by VHQ & post-production was completed in Play Pictures. ‘Close To You’ by the Carpenters (Ukelele Cover) music performed by Renee Dominique, in which clients bought the copyright for.