DIMSUM ‘College’

The 1st of 4 spots for dimsum, aimed at the young college crowd.  I’m sure you’ve all been or know someone who has been in similar situations; socially awkward teen who feels like an outcast & through the goodness of one friend & in this case, one App that can bring us all closer together.  The challenge was looking for the right talent to play the part of the shy & reserved heroine… & we chose our Honor girl once more.  The rest of the cast had to depict certain character traits although we don’t dwell on them for too long.  This was shot on location in the Heriot Watt University Cyberjaya & also in Fifth Palate in Kota Dsara.  We used the Arri Alexa with DOP Sean Loh with colour-grading by VHQ & post-production in Play Pictures. ‘Close To You’ by the Carpenters (Ukelele Cover) music performed by Renee Dominique, in which clients bought the copyright for.