DARLIE ‘Double Action with Nad Zainal’

Well, this was a fun & fast shoot considering the challenges we went through; especially when you’re dealing with real ordinary people with no acting experience. 😀  In this case, we opted to use Nad (a local celebrity actress) and her real family; husband & son.  Well, we realized it was by no means an easy feat controlling the young one, even his parents had trouble.  With the attention span of say, 1 minute max, he would get bored & throw some kiddy tantrums.  But, after much blood, sweat & tears, we wound up with a pretty decent film actually. Nad of course, was a charm to work with & proved to be adept & versatile at acting, giving the whole board by McCann Erikson, life & a glimpse of how a mother’s life is/can be.  With Twisted Media providing the Production Support, we also teamed up with Astro & clients Hawley & Hazel.  Shot in 1 day in 1 location dressed up to resemble home life & working life, we used the Canon C200 with Nick Lee as DOP.  Color Grading was completed at Meccanica EFX & Twisted Media finished the Online work.