It’s not everyday that we get to shoot a firefighter battling a blaze.  So I soaked in (but literally was drenched) every minute of the experience & while physically challenging, I embraced it! An originally concept from Havas-Immerse, Singnan Communications then worked with Power Root to further strengthen the board to meet certain criteria.  In the end, we had 3 ambassadors of the brand, with Alif Satar being the slightly more popular one, & an ex-team leader Syafiq & the Malaysian skateboarding legend Pa’din Musa.  We wanted everything to be as real, shot in-camera, no stunt doubles, no wirework.  The easiest part being Alif’s scenes as he’s just a great people person… the hottest was of course, Syafiq’s scenes as we were dangerously close to the flames, & the most painful (not for me, but the talent) was Pa’din’s as he fell several times performing some ollies & jumps.  Thankfully, he was well-padded.  With 3 separate locations & no time to waste, we wrapped under the estimated timing & this is one of those jobs where you feel very thankful for; it teaches you perseverance & definitely humbles a person.  We shot with DP Loh, & the Sony FS7, and post-production was completed at VHQ Malaysia.